2017 Christmas Gift Guide- For Her

I love Christmas! I get so excited by the thought of the looks on my family’s faces when I give them a gift that they love.

This is a foolproof Christmas Gift Guide to get her something that is truly wow-worthy, maybe even worth a single happy tear. Best of all, you can do all of your shopping this year online! No lines, no crowds, no annoying people walking super slow in front of you in the shopping centre. OR if you are feeling ready to brave other humans this year check out my guide from 2016 on how to do allll (yes, all) of your Christmas shopping in one store!

Here it is ‘yall, leave this page open on your browser for a little hint hint nudge nudge. Dear Husbands- if you are reading this we know you need it spelt out for you so  B U Y  Y O U R  W I F E  T H E S E  K I C K  A S S  G I F T S, do it now.

ELEVEN Port Douglas Trio $48.90 – Adore Beauty

Because honestly, who doesn’t cringe on spending more than $10 on shampoo and conditioner? Everyone. But who also knows how much better quality products are for your hair? Also everyone. This is actually a dual gift, not only are you giving your mum/sister/girlfriend/lover great hair products, you’re also giving them a great excuse of “my (insert you here) got me a pack for christmas” when the hairdresser is going full sales pitch mid hair colour while she has nowhere to run.

Shop Adore Beauty for Free Shipping on all Australian Orders


We’ve all heard of the latest craze doTERRA. I’m typically not one to buy into “crazes” but I genuinely think that essential oils are here to stay, especially now that i’ve tried them myself and am seeing first hand the benefits.

If you’re already a doTERRA lover and have yourself some oils you could make your own personalised roller blend gifts OR DIY sugar skin scrubs which are soooo easy and work out to be super cheap to make- around the $6 per large jar mark. Sugar + Coconut Oil + Essential Oils = Sugar Scrub. Add a little personalised tag and what an adorable, home made gift.

If you’re not already a doTERRA account holder, there’s a few ways to purchase including one time purchase online, purchase a ‘kit’ which gives you free enrolment & access to wholesale prices, OR you can join for wholesale prices. If doTERRA sounds right up your alley (disclaimer: they are not recommended for use ‘right up your alley’) drop me a line and I can tell you more.


Benefit Hoola Kit $29.00 – Adore Beauty

Every gal wants to be bronzed in summer. Enough said. Shop Adore Beauty for the largest range of beauty products and cosmetics



Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System $219.00 – Adore Beauty

This doesn’t seem like a real “wow-worthy” gift, and it may not be instantly but I can assure you within the week you’ll be getting a follow-up thank you message. Clarisonic’s are probably the coolest thing in skincare right now, and they are great for everyone from your skincare virgin 14 year old sister who’s just started getting break-outs, to your nan who would love any extra collagen-boosting she can get. It’s basically a little buzzing cleanser that gives your skin an awesome deep clean in one minute, literally though, one minute. Plus- there’s loads of optional attachments so you can customise to your skin. Win.
Shop Adore Beauty for Free Shipping on all Australian Orders

GHD Nocturne Gift Set $330

This one is a no-brainer. Girls need tools and this is the entire package when it comes to tools. For extra points throw in a brush/comb combo and the ELEVEN Port Douglas Set! Shop Adore Beauty for the largest range of beauty products and cosmetics


doTERRA Touch Enrolment Kit $300

Again, yes. The doTERRA Touch enrolment kit means that your lucky lady skips the enrolment fee, and gets 9 essential oils hand-bag ready in rollers. Bad mood? Yep, there’s an oil for that. Upset tummy? There’s absolutely one for that. Sore Muscles? yep, that too. Unexpected pimple? Abso-fucking-lutely. No matter what she needs there’s an oil for it and most are probably in this kit!


Easy Weekend Away approx $300

You don’t have to spend a fortune to impress, an easy weekend away can be closer than you think. Check out AirBnb for a cool property somewhere close to home and spend a weekend with your mum/sister/girlfriend/wife. Sometimes the best gift is gifting your time, this is a great way to do that. Bonus points if you make it a group weekend with spa time included!


Apple Watch $459

If I was a betting gal i’d probably go as far to say that this may be the gift of the year. Apple Watches are just downright cool, for anyone. Plus, once you have the base piece from Apple, you can interchange the straps as much as you like! Customisable watch to any outfit? Win.

The whole shebang Holiday

If you are not signed up to I Know The Pilot go and do it now! On a regular basis there are flights to New Zealand for under $250 return. Team that with some accommodation and a little sight seeing and you’ve got yourself a perfect gift. Best part, you can do this for any locations & you get a holiday too!


Return to Tiffany Heart Key Pendant $455

This piece is an absolute classic, you can’t go wrong. It also has a blank side of the heart that you could get engraved for some extra “awwwww”.

Chloe Susannah Boots $1,490

Not even going to lie, i’ve been obsessing over these boots for two seasons now. Believe me when I say these are an investment piece and boy what i’d do to have a pair in my life.

Louis Vuitton Anything $1,500+

If you are trying to seriously impress someone, any LV gift will be a 100% certainty of some xmas night lovin’ and probably a whole lot more beyond that.


Tiffany&Co Engagement Ring $40K+

Is she waiting for something? You don’t have to make it a Tiffany&Co, i’m sure she’ll be shedding many happy tears with any heartfelt proposal regardless of the ring. Make it happen, and tell me if you do!

Welcome to the Silly Season!

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