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all your dōTERRA questions, answered!

So I’ve had some of you ask about dōTERRA so here’s some FAQ’s answered!


So what is doterra?

dōTERRA essential oils are CPTG- or for those of you like me who have absolutely no idea what that means they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils OR in short, the best of the best & no nasties.


And why are you now doing doterra?
When I originally purchased my oils I had zero intention of sharing or even teaching others about them. After a month of using them obsessively and seeing the benefits I said Hell Yes to sharing and that’s really why.


Is this one of those pyramid schemes?

Nope. Pyramid schemes are illegal membership based selling meaning that you get people to buy into the scheme rather than purchase a product. dōTERRA sell Essential Oils through their Wellness Advocates (me!) or just as any other retail product online.


So why should I use a Wellness Advocate?
You get 25% off! You can purchase dōTERRA products as retail products online, with no requirement to talk to anyone. However, by speaking with a Wellness Advocate you can discuss personalised oils for you and like I mentioned, you get 25% off.


But will I actually use them?

Again, I was surprised when I got my oils how many amazing uses there are for them, and I was immediately incorporating them into my day or making little rollers for different purposes. I actually sent my bestie a message at the time saying I’d gift her a little roller because I am now a ‘fucking potion master’.

Now, I use my oils everyday probably 5-10 times per day. Now that’s pretty conservative oil use- some people use theirs up to 30 times per day depending on how they are using them, with kids etc.


But aren’t they just to smell good? Is it worth it?

No, they do smell amazing but they are much more than that. All you have to do is a quick pinterest search of any issues you have (ie. Anxiety essential oils) and you’ll find how much information is really out there on how you can use your oils.

There are both medicinal, and emotional (mood management) uses for essential oils, each with their own individual purpose. I am not a doctor by any means, no dōTERRA wellness advocate will ever tell you that an oil can cure, heal, or replace your existing medications etc. You should always see your doctor for any health concerns.

Some of my favourite uses are-

  • Lavender has improved my sleep X100! I used to get up minimum 3 times per night now I sleep through most nights, or get up only once. TIP: Add a few drops to your washing machine with sheets & pillow cases… absolute BLISS!
  • Lavender & Peppermint in a spritz bottle with water to spray onto my skin after sun- I promise if you are a sun baby like me you’ll love this.
  • Peppermint & Wild Orange diffused to lift the mood
  • Lemon- I pop a drop into my water daily for an easy detox, I also am known to pop a drop here and there around the house for a nice fresh, clean smell.
  • Tea Tree on any bites, stings, pimples
  • On Guard- Protective Blend for our immune system. I diffuse this anytime I feel like we are ran down and at risk of getting sick, OR I apply anytime I am around anyone unwell.
  • Frankincense- Frankie is probably my favorite oil. I pop a drop in my night serum for anti-aging and skin support. I mix with Ice Blue on any aches and pains. I pop a drop into my hands and inhale when I’m feeling a bit all over the place, I diffuse him with other blends to amplify and promote feelings of content.
  • Wild Orange- I inhale for an instant uplift, add to chocolate truffles to make them taste like jaffas!
  • Ice Blue- I rub ice blue on any pain points for relief. This has been a god-send for Dean who has aches and pains constantly.

I even use a blend on Enzo when it storms to calm him down… 


Are they expensive?

They can be as expensive as you like depending on the oils you need. dōTERRA is like all things we purchase, you pay more for a better quality product but it’s always worth it in the long run.

Most people (about 70%) start out with a Home Essentials Kit (HEK) which is $330. I know that $330 is a lot of money, but for your investment you get 10 of the most popular oils & a diffuser. If you break that down it’s $33 per product (I’ve seen essential oils in my local chemist for more) and a free diffuser!

In that kit you are getting a Frankincense oil which retails for $114 on it’s own! Plus 9 other oils and a diffuser with total value of $553 if you purchased separately.

There are on average 250 drops per bottle. In a standard use you would only be using one or two drops of the oil so you are getting 100+ uses in one 15ml bottle. To give you an idea of the potency of the oils, it takes around 45 lemons to create one 15ml bottle of doterra lemon essential oil. At $13.50 per bottle, you couldn’t buy your 45 lemons.


Click here to look at all enrolment kits.

You can check out the full pricelist here, be sure to look at the ‘Wholesale AUD column for the price you’ll pay.


Why wouldn’t I just by the $10 versions at woollies?

I know it seems crazy when you see a bottle for a few dollars in your local supermarket or discount store. It’s important to know that dōTERRA is the only essential oil company in the world who’s oils are proven to be 100% free from toxins, chemicals, fillers, or artificial contaminants.

They are all externally tested and audited for purity and quality.

When you buy generic store Essential Oils you are risking the products quality, and purity meaning they can be potentially dangerous and should not be taken internally or applied to your skin.


Why does everyone talk so much about the Home Essentials Kit?

It’s called the Home Essentials Kit for a reason friends! The HEK can be used to support 80% of your household healthcare needs. It has the most commonly used oils that you’ll reach for over and over again everyday. I know lemon and lavender don’t sound fun or sexy but I promise you it’s those that you’ll love the most.

Plus- the HEK is an awesome saving on your oils as you are getting $553 worth of value for $330! Plus any promos that come along with that particular month. Now that’s a win.

Check out this awesome HEK post from Peta Serras for a whole heap of uses!


I didn’t start out with the HEK personally; I got the Aroma Touch Kit (info below). Within the first two months I had individually purchased every HEK oil I didn’t have because I was finding those were the ones I needed most.

Yeah, the HEK just doesn’t excite me..

The other recommendation is more so if ‘mood management’ is your thing, which is what I started with because even I know how much of a moody bitch I can be… just ask Dean, ha!


If you get the Aroma Touch Kit + Diffuser you’re looking at bang on $300.

Check out this awesome resource from the Professional Babe herself on Essential Oils for Mood Management.


Hell Yeah! Sign me up!

Want to say ‘hell yeah’ to oils? That’s awesome, welcome to the fam! There’s a couple of easy steps from here to get you signed up, flick me a message and I can either do it for you, or send you some easy instructions!


I can’t afford it.

I thought I couldn’t afford it either, but then I kept thinking, and thinking, and thinking about dōTERRA and eventually I gave in and thought I’d just buy a couple to try. When I got chatting and realised that just one oil wouldn’t cover all of my concerns, I seen the value in saving at that point by getting a kit.

Realistically, we don’t blink an eye at a brand new $70 top. So in comparison- $330 is two new Sheike dresses, two boozy nights out, half an apple watch, one night of dinner & cocktails, or if you’re anything like me- one trip to Sephora.


Can I just get a couple to try?

Yes, you can. You can purchase any oils you wish to try and build on your collection. When purchasing oils individually you also need to purchase a $35 enrolment pack which is waived when purchasing any enrolment kit. No matter which option you choose there are no minimum monthly orders or selling required. Ever.


I want to know more..

Come along to a class! Check out my Facebook to book yourself in.


I want to know more but don’t want to come to a class?

We can have a one-on-one coffee date and chat about the oils anytime. Just send me a message and I’m yours.

If you are out of area we can do the same with a phone or Skype set up.


I want to host a class with my friends.

Fantastic! I’d love to come to your home and teach you about the oils. There is however, a real benefit of you being a customer of dōTERRA before holding your class and that is that should your friends wish to purchase oils, you will receive 20% of their purchase price into your back office to use on your future purchases.


Have I missed your question? Send me a message and I’ll answer it for you anytime.

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