Digital/ Printing at home- what’s in it for you?

As those of you who have visited my Etsy store (or any others) would know, the “print it yourself” era is in full swing. It’s something we generally haven’t come across before in the design/ decorating space but it’s brilliant.
It gives us the tools to have immaculately decorated spaces within our homes, for a fraction of the price of designer pieces. And let’s be honest- anything that says “DIY bargain” appeals to me.
So, what is a digital “printable” purchase? Well, ideally you are simply buying the digital product that you see on your computer screen. Generally this will come in a PDF file potentially with a back-up JPEG (PDF is better quality for printing- always!) meaning that you can have the file forever to print as you please.
The benefits of having a digital file when it comes to home décor, even invitations are endless. Here’s just a few reasons why you should consider digital for your next home, or event purchase.
1.       Print as many times as you want
This is a big one. I mean, once you have purchased that cute typography quote and framed it front and centre in your living space imagine the compliments you’ll get. Better yet- make a list of the friends that compliment your new home décor and print and frame one for them! It’s the perfect, cost effective, easy, and instant (whoops, you forgot your anniversary you say?) gift! Give it for a birthday, house-warming, Christmas.. every event! Why? Well because you’ve already paid for it once and have that digital piece of gold sitting on your computer ready to go again and again..
2.       It’s awesome to have something unique to make that space in your home complete.
Seriously, the simplest of prints can look amazing in any home! Check out these pictures of examples I love…. I cannot wait to have my own office so I can decorate it with all simple, chic prints like these!
Being unique is something that is really important to me, I hate walking into someone elses home and seeing all the same standard home wares from kmart or target. In this digital era is has never been more affordable to have one-of-a-kind pieces in your home that you’ll never see in your friends places (unless you follow point 1 and gift it to them which makes it completely OK!)
3.       Print locally OR yourself!
Do you have a printer? Chances are you do, and you can easily (and instantly) print your image yourself in your own home for a big fat $0. If not, you can source a printer locally which means you are helping your local economy, or that small family owned business down the road. It’s really important in this day and age that we support our communities because without our local business these places would not survive. I find for things like invitations you can buy the digital item at around $20 for a custom creation and then go for the Kmart 9c photo prints where you can get all of your invitations printed for a small price and still have something beautiful and unique. Again, why not when it’s this affordable?
4.      Print on your choice or paper!
Now days places like Officeworks, K-mart and even your standard $2 shop stock all sorts of interesting papers. You’ll often find a stunning textured white paper that will be perfect for those simple invitations but add that little bit of pizazz you need. Or a classic brown paper that will give you invites that extra something. This gives you an added element for your digital product- and again, is a huge dollar saver! To have a professional printer design and print your invites onto any paper will cost an absolute mint. Buy the digital file for around $20, you can pick up a 20 pack of paper from office works for $7 (and don’t forget you’ll be printing 2 per page!) and print at home… that’s a cheap invitation that you’ll be proud to see on your friends fridges. Check out the different between the white & brown versions of this invite on my Etsy store. 
5.       Use for whatever you’d like!
If you’re purchasing a typographic print for your home, the uses are endless! Did you get something personalised with your details? You could pop it on a post-card, a thank you note, in a frame as a gift.. So many uses for one item.
Can you picture this in your home? I certainly can…
What do you think of “digital” purchases? Leave me a comment, i’d love to hear your thoughts!
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