For Phub’s Sakes

I’m so sick to death of being phubbed. I’m really going all out, stirrups and all onto my high-horse for this one but suuuuuuurely I cannot be the only millennial who gets annoyed at this?

If you don’t know what phubbing is, it’s when you get snubbed in favor of a mobile phone. It’s a real word, see. 


Honestly, being a mid-late (wow that’s weird to write) 20 something now, I’d think that people my age are mature enough to have manners, sadly not true, and sadly sometimes it’s even people older, and much older who are the worst culprits.

I’m going to give you a quick list of when it’s just fucking rude.


You are out with your friends. Your friends are having a nice time laughing and you aren’t. You’re carrying on whilst you are snap chatting yourself doing it, and in between that you are sending it to everyone so they can all see how much ‘fun’ you are having, and then you’re head down checking back to see who is viewing your snaps. And then dancing around pretending you’re having the time of your life snapping again. RUDE

a) some people don’t want to be snap chatted every fucking second of their life

b) you’re not actually interacting with your friends genuinely having a good time- you’re pretending so everyone else thinks you are. If you don’t see something wrong with that maybe look again.

Now, in those same circumstances other people actually can have a good time, dance with their friends, have fun, and even send some snaps whilst doing it because they haven’t been doing it the entire fucking time and had their head down in their phone the rest of the time.

I feel like I also need to put a disclaimer on this because i’ve been known to send a snap or two when I’ve had a few drinks. HOWEVER, mine aren’t pretend. If you’ve seen mine they typically show me with my eyes half rolling into the back of my head and lots of slurred words. My point is- I don’t pretend, I typically have no recollection and a whole lotta regret the next day, and it’s always when I’m sitting in a gutter, not while i’m having fun with my friends. 



“How’s your work going?”

“oh yeah not bad we’ve been……… *notices person who ASKED put their head down in their phone and start scrolling* …. collecting whale sperm and seeing if we can artificially inseminate dolphins with it so yeah, busy”

“Well that’s good”- whist still scrolling and not actually listening to the answer to the question that they asked.

“do you even know what I just said?”

“yeah, that work’s been really busy for you”

Do I even need to say why this is SO GOD DAMN FUCKING RUDE? If you don’t give a shit, don’t fucking ask. This is actually a legitimate conversation I had. I’m not joking. And for the record- I work in an office, def not in whale/dolphin breeding.



Having a convo with your friend and they stop responding, look at their phone and start snap chatting the ground “gotta keep the snap streak”. WHAT THE FUCK. YOU DIDN’T EVEN SNAP ANYTHING!!!

I’m all about a snap streak if you are genuinely snapping that person things everyday, and even so, it’s usually been for me “oh wow look we’re on a 9 day streak!” not me snapping the god damn ground just to keep some fucking stupid little red number in the corner of my snap chat. So. fucking. dumb.




Now there are some examples where I am OK with a phub, and they include:

  • important work call i.e. your boss
  • important call from your husband/ kids etc
  • you just take a genuinely important call or message
  • you need to get info for a conversation you’re currently having ie. “Hey do we have plans Friday, Peter just asked if we are free for drinks”
  • checking your calendar to book something in with the person you’re speaking with
  • showing your friend something on your phone
  • OR if you need to use your phone you say “sorry I’ve just got to do this quickly…” which is absofuckinglutely perfectly fine and actually, really fucking polite- unlike me throughout this post.

In short, If you’re choosing to spend time with someone, spend time with them and actually listen. No, I don’t want to be in your snaps dancing unless you are snapping me falling flat on my damn face so I can laugh at it later.



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