Get Happy

2016, although it was off to a pretty decent start, the end of 2016 left me feeling crappy more often than not. Often it only takes one or two simple things to change my mood- here’s my Top 10 Ways To Get Out Of A Crappy Mood and GET HAPPY!


  • Take a shower

Showering is my #1 coping mechanism. If i’m upset, I shower. If i’m stressed, I shower. If i’m frustrated, I shower. If i’m angry, I shower. If i’m just generally feeling off, I shower.

There’s something cleansing about a shower that allows me to think about my feelings more clearly, set my intentions for moving forward, and start fresh once i’m out and dry. It’s my personal “refresh” button.

  • Put on some clothes you love

Chances are if you are looking in your closet picking out something you absolutely love, be it a ball gown, your favorite boyfriend jeans, or a pretty sun-dress- all of those items will have memories associated.

When you pop on some nice clothes for no one but yourself you will start to feel your mood change as you feel better about your appearance.

  • Do your makeup

Same goes for makeup- if you’re a makeup junkie try out a new look and do a full glamour face. Instant mood enhancer!

  • Brush your teeth

This one sounds a bit crazy but I personally feel like a new person when I brush my teeth. Just by feeling that minty fresh feeling you will be feeling lighter, cleaner, and just generally better than before!

  • Get Outside

Sunshine! Need I say more?

  • Take 5

If i’m feeling stressed at work, or get into one of those “i’m so busy I don’t know where to start” procrastinating moods I’ll always take 5. I will wander across to my favorite cafe (The Happy Wombat- if you haven’t been do yourself a favour and go.. BEST. COFFEE. EVER.) pull up a booth, and take 5 to myself. If you can’t get out of the surroundings that are causing your mood just change it a little- pop into the lunch room and flick through the paper, spin your chair around and gaze out the window, go have a chat with your colleague about their weekend plans.

  • Give good karma

Reach out to that friend you haven’t heard from in a while and just say “Hi, hope you’re going well”. Tell your customer her skin is flawless. Pay for an extra coffee at your local coffee shop for the next person. It’ll come back around eventually.

  • Say “Thanks”

Or, even better, be thankful. Say “Thanks” out of the blue to that one person in the office that brightens your day. Say “Thanks” to the local barista for always being so pleasant and remembering your order. Write a list of things you are thankful for.

  • Hug

Sometimes all you need is a hug….

  • Play

I play with my dogs, because how can you be sad when your dog is tail wagging, trying to lick you all over the face, and just enjoying your company. You could play with your kids, play solitaire, or just play a mindless game on your phone. Taking your mind elsewhere and doing something that doesn’t require much thought can often be enough to take you away from that bad mood.

So go on, get happy.

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