Home Art- Grotti Lotti

Most of you know what I do love a bit of art myself here and there. I’ll do things sporadically and then not do anything for a long time.

Recently, a local Australian artist Grotti Lotti took my attention and since i’ve invested in some great pieces for my home that I absolutely adore!

The main reason why Grotti Lotti took my fancy was her honesty about her art, she unapologetically does not do commission pieces because her art is for her and she does what she feels at the time. She doesn’t like the pressure that comes with someone else’s expectations and is ok in saying no, I love that!

I have Amanda, Jacoba, and Ninnie in A1 size prints. These will set you back $110 each but are a small price in comparison to buying a commission piece. I framed these myself with $35 A1 frames from Officeworks.

Check out her stuff here 

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