How To: Do all of your christmas shopping in one store!

What if I told you that you could do ALL of your Christmas shopping in one single store? You totally can!

Now, step one- pick a store. My suggestions would be David Jones, or Myer. Now, before you click the “back” button hear me out. Most people would associate David Jones with more expensive items but i’m about to show you how you can still do Christmas in a higher end department store, on any budget!

For your Mum..

Save: A Glasshouse Candle of corse! My personal favourite is Marseille, a fresh and clean scent that makes me feel like my housework is truly complete and I can sink into the couch with a luxurious glass of champagne.


Splurge: Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle. Every gal needs some Chanel in her life and a signature fragrance is the best way to do it. Coco Mademoiselle is my personal favourite of the Chanel fragrances as it’s light and floral without being overwhelming. I get so many compliments when I wear this!

$234.00 /100ml

For your Dad…

Save: Calvin Klein Mens Corporate EDP Set. Because Dad’s like to smell great too.


Splurge: Weber Baby Q BBQ. It seems like the word on everyones lips this Christmas right? If your Dad doesn’t have one, he needs one. The Baby Q is adorable and portable- what more could he want?!


For your brother..

Save: Le Specs “Bandwagon” Sunglasses. Le Specs are a great brand of eyewear, with great durability (even for the clumsiest of us with sunnies = ME!). They are stylish and totally affordable!


Splurge: Hugo Boss 0783/S Sunglasses. Style and sophistication for any man. Be sure to know that he takes good care of his sunnies though, you’d hate to see a lense popped out of these bad boys.


For your sister..

Save: Samantha Wills “Bardot” Ring. If you haven’t seen these rings around you’ve not been looking. They are totally in style at the moment and go with everything.


Splurge: MAC Nutcracker Sweet Nude Mineralize Kit. Every girl loves makeup and MAC is pretty much a cult. You can’t go wrong with this nude set that will suit just about everyone.


For your significant other..


Save: David Jones 50/50 Cotton/Poly Robe. What guy doesn’t feel like a millionaire when he gets to laze around his house in a robe? I can tell you Dean does.. he loves it. These robes are well made, lightweight and will be very much appreciated by your man.


Splurge: Beats By Dre Solo3 Wireless. Gym Junkie? Tradie? No matter what your guy will love the high quality sound and portability that comes with these headphones.



Save: The Daily Edited, Black Curve Clutch. This adorable clutch is personalised and classic, she will absolutely use this all the time because it will go with everything!


Splurge: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer-  we all know how huge these have been this year, I promise she wants one.


SUPER SPLURGE: Giorgio Armani, Chain Shoulder Bag. Because this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime buy, or maybe you’ll get her addicted to high end pieces and be broke forever.. could go either way.


I promise, pick one of these and you can’t go wrong.

Merry Christmas X

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