Dear Mamamia

Dear Mamamia,

We’ve been an item for a while now, a few years actually. The truth is that i’ve put a lot of thought into our future, and I just don’t see us working out. I can’t put a timeline on when my feelings started to change, I think we’ve just been gradually drifting apart and it’s come to a point where we need to face the fact that it’s over.


When we first started this relationship you made me feel empowered like the ultimate #girlboss who could juggle life, love, health, & career all in my heels. But lately, all you’ve made me feel is tired from your endless whining.

It’s not me, it’s you.

Honestly, you’ve gotten boring and really predictable. There’s no excitement left in your content that I was once completely engaged in. It feels like all you want these days is the clicks and you’ll write whatever irrelevant title you need to get that satisfaction. My biggest grief is that you’ve lost sight of all the values you once held so close.


I’m pretty sick of you simply rehashing other site’s content and when you’re not doing that you’re just re-posting your own. I’m also over hearing about how you’re the ultimate “feminist” and are so god-damn offended about everything ever, yet then you’ll write an article pitting two successful women against each other or ridiculing another strong woman for a silly hat/bad hair.

I’m sick of you censoring any comments that don’t agree with the writer’s agenda.

I’m sick of everyone except YOU being the bad guy. I’m sick of hearing that men are the enemy. I’m sick of hearing that any successful woman who isn’t you is the enemy. I’m sick of your just being a big fat whinge-fest.


I could go into many detailed, specific examples of why I had to end this. But just to glaze over the ones that really put the nail in the coffin for me;

  • the Sam Armitage “stripper heels” saga
  • the Kim Kardashian Vs Lena Dunham because of their body shapes article
  • the Constance Hall shaming article (which has since been altered without apology)



Ultimately, I had to unsubscribe from your emails, unfollow your instagram and facebook pages. I know this might hurt but I really won’t be sad if I never see anything from you ever again.

I think you’re a giant bully and we are done.


Eat a giant dick,





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