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my dōTERRA why

hola fam, i’m back and i’ve got a little story for ‘yall.
A few months ago now I invested in some Essential Oils, I was at a time in my life where I was having trouble sleeping, feeling unmotivated, and suffering from regular headaches. I figured I’d just give them a little go…
What really sold me on the oils was the genuine passion of everyone who uses them, I’m a bit of a natural sceptic so I was more surprised than anyone when I started seeing huge benefits almost instantly. So there was born my love affair with oils.
Fast forward a few months and after constantly telling everyone how much I love the oils, and hearing myself say before I even realised “there’s an oil for that!” then was born my ‘why’.  What’s my ‘why’ you ask? Well, most people’s why is ‘to share these gifts of mother earth’ or something wanky like that.
Mine isn’t. So why dōTERRA? Because I’m the dreamer of my dream, and that dream is financial freedom, good health, and a happy home. dōTERRA is already on it’s way to paying for my 2018 euro-trip, plus it’s genuinely rewarding when I can help someone overcome their headaches, bad sleep, bad breath *cough dean*, or just help them feel less anxious. 
In just a few short months I now reach for my oils literally
Sunburn? Lavender & Peppermint spritz
Can’t get motivated? Wild Orange, & Peppermint- sniff that sh!t in.
Pimple? Tea Tree & Frankie
Sore butt from squats? Ice Blue baby.
Need to focus and just get sh!t done? Frankie + Peppermint
Too much boozing? Lemon into your water for detoxing.
Kids being bat-shit crazy? Balance
Gastro? On-Guard
Want to murder your husband? Well, you guessed it there’s an oil for that too!
So I probably can’t tell you too much about what oils to use on your chakras, but what I can tell you, is how to improve your general health, and wellbeing, how to control your hormonal mood swings, plus a few bonuses like choc jaffa truffles or daiquiris 😉 – you wont find any bliss balls here, only the real sh!t.
I’d love for you to reach out to me and come along to a workshop, have a coffee (or a cocktail), or even have your girlfriends over for an at-home workshop where pyjamas are encouraged and wine even more so. Feel free to have a browse at my dōTERRA site by clicking the dōTERRA tab in the top menu- let me know if you have any questions and I can absolutely help! 
Also totally irrelevant picture of me living my best life with unimpressed baby goats.
Go on, reach out.


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