Recently, I posted my skin care routine and ironically since then my skin has turned to shit.

It all started to happen around the same time I changed foundations to my absolute fav- Estee Lauder Double Wear. I could rave and rave and rave about this product, its absolutely flawless and feels amazing, it’s just too thick for me for everyday use and has more than highlighted my terribly cheap and nasty skincare products.

I’ve had advice from three different skincare professionals and i’ve finally made an investment in my skin and gone with Ultraceuticals. Mostly because they have fantastic active ingredients, they are multiple award winners, and they are ever-so humble.

The main reason however was their DJ’s Kotara based Doctor Louise is absolutely fantastic- knows her stuff and really gave me a personalised skin solution and an ongoing plan to get my skin to it’s best and then how she will help me keep it there. Louise was more than happy to spend time (45 minutes actually) with me in getting to know my skin issues and really explained the products in such great detail that I walked away knowing I made the right choice without being pushed into anything.

I have started with a few main recommended products with the help of Louise. She did warn me that it’s all very addictive and two days in i’m already feeling fantastic and tempted to go back and get some more! Even more so after doing my own research and hearing all of their fantastic reviews and science based formulas.

The best part- they are so leading edge and on the forefront of skincare but are still cruelty free and Australian made!

As I mentioned, I’m only two days in so i’ll do a few progress posts down the track to keep you all up to date. Here’s my skin on Monday before I started my Ultraceuticals treatment plan. I’ve been experiencing breakouts mostly around my lower cheek and chin area, however i’ve also got quite dehydrated dark circles which I forgot to photograph.


Now, these products aren’t cheap which is why they are an investment in my skin. I will however say, at no point did I feel like Louise was giving me a “sales pitch” or that I was pressured into a purchase. My experience was so solution based and personalised to my skin concerns.  Louise was so helpful in providing solutions and was constantly letting me know the prices and how I could minimise the cost by getting the most effective and essential products to start with and building from there.



Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser $62

When it said foaming I did get slightly concerned as i’ve always been warned away from soap based products that foam dramatically. This does not foam like bubble bath which is what I imagined, it does foam ever so slightly but is so gentle on the skin, not at all drying and extremely spreadable. I’ve been using such a small amount (about the size of a 5c piece) and it goes a long way.

The Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser leaves me feeling so refreshed and clean. It’s been a real lightbulb moment for me realising that my skin isn’t meant to feel dry and tight after a good cleanse.

Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion $89

I actually feel like I can feel this lotion working on my skin. It feels and smells amazing, and soaks into my skin beautifully. I’ve only been using this product for two days and I can see a difference already. I honestly don’t know what more to say about this product- I already love it!


Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream $55 OR if you buy two full-size products at the moment you get it FREE!

Everyone loves a freebie- myself included. However, I am so glad this was a product that was added to my bag because in two days it’s done my dark circles wonders! I’ll certainly be keeping it as part of my regular suite of products. It’s soft and feels very luxurious patted around my eyes.


Ultra Red-Action Moisturiser $79

Oh wow, I love a good moisturiser and boy does this deliver. It’s very thick and glides on easily starting to sink in within seconds. This is like putting the icing on the cake before bed and in the morning, I feel absolutely hydrated and my skin already feels so much softer after my short stint using it so far. It does what it promises and reduces redness which is also a winner in my books.

If you can’t tell, I am just so excited about my new range of Ultraceuticals. I’ve raved about Louise already but if you do live in the Newcastle area and are considering a new range go and see her, you wont be disappointed.

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