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Anyone who knows me in-between the hours of 7am-5pm will know that I’m a full-blown coffee addict. Admittedly, I haven’t always been so obsessed with coffee, it’s a habit (read: addiction) i’ve developed over the last few years.

Anyone who knows me in-between the hours of 5pm Friday and 9am Monday also knows that I love a good red wine.

Unfortunately, my love of coffee and red wine has left me with yellow teeth that I just can’t seem to budge.

I’m not new to the teeth whitening game, i’ve trialled other products before and just not got the results I was after. I always ended up with super sensitive teeth, which everyone knows is really no fun at all, and found the other products were a lot of hassle with uncomfortable giant rubber trays in your mouth for hours on end. I’m also pretty time-poor so I’ve struggled to find a whitening option that suits me without any downtime, or costly repeat visits to the dentist.

When I was recently contacted by Smile Brilliant to trial their whitening products I must admit, I was skeptical at first and figured it would be very much the same as my previous experiences, but i’m super excited to say- it was much much better!

I received my first package from Smile Brilliant and found inside instructions and two products to mix together and create my own custom moulds.. how cool is that?! A whitening mould that actually fits MY mouth! The moulding process was really easy, it’s not the most comfortable when you are waiting for the mould to set on your teeth but it is only a couple of minutes and is a small price to pay for the comfort of completely custom teeth whitening trays. As you can see below the process is totally glamorous too …

I sent away my moulds and within two weeks I had back my own custom moulds ready to go! Having custom moulds made at the dentist would easily set you back $500+, I’m still blown away that I did this in the comfort of my own kitchen!  The moulds are a very thin, flexible plastic-like material meaning that once you have them in you can barely notice they are there.

The actual whitening process is super easy- just pop your whitening product into the mould and into your mouth. I usually wear mine in the car on my way to work for about 30-45 minutes which means that i’m not sitting around waiting for the results, it’s practically invisible too so no one knows I’m wearing them. Once i’m done I give them a quick rinse and pop them into their cute little container and into my bag.

The best part- the desensitising gel! As I mentioned above, when I whiten I am always suffering with sensitive teeth for weeks, sometimes months after. With Smile Brilliant I’ve had no sensitivity and awesome results- you can read more about the awesome desensitising gel formula HERE.


You can WIN your own at home teeth whitening kit valued at $139 from Smile Brilliant by clicking the link below and entering your Name & Email!

OR- get $15 off your purchase with discount code KROSSANDCO15

visit Smile Brilliant HERE



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