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It’s that nostalgic time of the year again! Everyone is heading off on some sort of holiday as a quick fix for the Australia winter.

The only way to beat this is to talk about it with a fellow blogger who knows first hand the impact that travel has on your soul. I’ve teamed up with nineteen year old Elly-Grace from Dancing In Violent Fields (DIVF) to share our views on travel in this three part series. DIVF is a travel/lifestyle blog which aims to inspire and motivate others to think differently. Even if half the time she is somewhat struggling between the constant need for travel money and daily coffee dates. Make sure you check out Elly-Grace’s Q&A answers here…

Where have you travelled?

I’ve travelled both in and out of Australia, with family in Victoria we often head to Melbourne for weekends here and there. Being from Newcastle, NSW our airport is quite accessible to it’s great to jump on any cheap flights for a quick getaway. I’ve had a couple of visits to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, & the Sunshine Coast. Of corse Sydney is a short drive down the road, and for two and a half years I lived in Adelaide, SA.  I’m yet to visit NT, WA, & Tasmania!

In terms of overseas travel most recently we visited Oahu, Hawaii. In 2014 was our mini “Euro Trip” where we spent time in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Florence, Venice, La Spezia, Nice, & Dubai.

In 2013 I spent two glorious weeks in Bali.

2007 I had the opportunity to attend a family wedding and travelled to Italy, Switzerland, & Hong Kong.


Describe your travelling style- are you a laid back, or high maintenance traveller?

I can absolutely be both! I’d describe my travelling style as organised and engaged. I do like to be extremely organised and I do like to remain engaged in the entire experience. I try not to get too lost in making sure I photograph every little thing and make memories rather than document them.


Where are your favourite & least favourite places you’ve visited? Why?

Favourite– I can’t go past Italy with this one, it’s my ultimate travel destination for about a million reasons. I get an overwhelming sense of feeling at home when I go to Italy, I fit in quite nicely with their lifestyle of sleeping in, naps, & late dinners. I love the culture, I love the history and I haven’t even mentioned the food yet! Oh the food. You can check out my blogs in Italy here, here, here, & here.

Least Favourite- Hawaii. Sadly I was really expecting to love Hawaii but was a little disappointed. Although We had a great time, it’s a stunning place, there’s some great different shops, but we did get bored quickly as there isn’t much at all to do. It certainly didn’t help that we visited when the dollar was bad but we also found it ridiculously expensive which is probably the primary reason I didn’t love it because I feel that I can have a very similar holiday for a quarter of the price in Thailand or Bali. I’ve written a whole post on Hawaii here.

What’s been your worst or scariest experience travelling?

I wouldn’t say i’ve had any terrible travel experiences to be honest. There was one occasion in Amsterdam quite late dean & I were wandering through the Red Light District and managed to go down a street that was very quiet. At that stage I had known a man was following us for sometime but it became very apparent that he was as we stopped and started a few times and he did the same, or waited and watched us very strangely. Nothing bad happened but it was an eye opening experience. I’ve written about it more in this blog.

Best travel memory?

I’ve got a few, obviously getting engaged in Hawaii is my favourite however I think you can’t beat that blissful feeling of relaxing on a beach somewhere in the north of Italy with the one you love most. My other treasured travel memories are mostly the looks on Dean’s face as he first ate real pizza, or when he seen the Colosseum. I love sharing those experiences.

IMG_1017 (2)

Why do you think people crave overseas adventures?

I think for exactly what i’ve mentioned above. There’s nothing that compares to new experiences, new cultures, and sharing in that with someone you love.

Do you prefer solo or group travel?

I’ve not done any solo travel, I’ve always had a travel buddy. I know I would still enjoy solo travel but it’s not something i’m running out to do. I don’t think theres anything better than sharing in these new experiences with another.

Whats your favourite food you’ve tried overseas?

All of it. I can’t say i’ve tried and discovered anything new that I love to be honest. I do have a food philosophy though for when I travel and thats “stick to the basics”. Usually a signature dish is prized of the seasonal produce that is best in that specific area. Eg. you can’t go past a perfect margherita pizza or bolognese in Italy purely because the quality of the tomatoes are just incomparable.

What blogs most inspire you to travel?

The Londoner- I love Rosie & her travel photos are always making me so envious. How could you not be envious with pics like these??


What’s your favourite quote about travel?

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”- Unknown


Travel agent V solo booking- what’s your preference & why?

I like using agents to book flights because I am a bit uneasy about the connecting flights, but for accommodation, tours, internal flights and anything else I am happy to book those myself. It saves a bit of cash (rather than paying the agent commission) and gives you more flexibility.

What’s your one “must take” item?

A sarong. This sounds really strange, I know but my one “must pack” item is a sarong. I’ve found this so handy, I used my sarong to cover my shoulders to go into The Vatican, I’ve used it when i’ve been cold on long train rides, I’ve used it as a picnic blanket, I’ve used it to wrap up my camera if I don’t have a whole camera bag, i’ve used it as a towel, the list is honestly endless.


What’s your ideal travelling outfit?

For plane travel I usually wear tights and an oversized t-shirt, along with thongs. I will always bring a cardigan too as I do get cold and I usually wear the socks they provide on long flights.

For a day walking the streets of Paris, Rome, or any other country- shorts or pants with runners. I get the sorest feet if I don’t wear good shoes so always pack a great pair of shoes if you’ll be doing lots of walking! I’d usually team that with a plain black, white, or grey tee and a cardigan. This is a really easy outfit as you can make it dressier with accessories, a quick shoe change, or a scarf.


What are your best packing tips?

Really assess every item. Ask yourself, can I use this in more than one way? If the answer is no, don’t pack it! Make sure every item you pack can be worn with at least two or three others- it’s all about packing classic but versatile clothing. The reason I said above a black, white, or grey t-shirt? Because they go with everything. I can wear them with jeans, skirts, shorts.. anything at all.


When abroad, what do you collect most of?

Tickets- I always keep my flight tickets, my train tickets, my entry tickets into amusements etc. I haven’t done anything with any of them yet… I should though!

Where is your next travel destination?

Dean & I are headed to Bali with our best friends in August. I’m counting down the days until endless cocktails & massages… bliss.

Don’t forget to check out Elly-Grace’s Q&A here or visit her on her social media…

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