We’re Engaged!

So, as most of you know from my previous two posts Dean & I got engaged on our trip to Hawaii (read more about our trip in my previous post) .

So, what happened you ask? Here’s the deets.

We arrived on the 22nd in the morning which worked out perfectly because the 23rd January is Dean’s Birthday.

So, on his birthday we went snorkelling and had a nice lunch and booked in at Duke’s for dinner. Before dinner Dean said we should go for a walk on the beach and I agreed but decided to have a nap first. After about an hour of my nap Dean woke me up and recieved quite an icy response that it was “ages until dinner” so I was going to nap as long as I pleased. Ha. Naps are important on holidays for me!

We finally got organised and went to dinner and walked down the beach a little beforehand. We walked out a rock-wall onto a small sand island about 50m off the shore where I was taking these pictures of the stunning Waikiki skyline when I turned back around and Dean was on one knee with a ring box in his hand!


We went to dinner and had lots of celebratory cocktails and a bottle of Veuve. Dean got a free Hula Pie because it was his birthday!

IMG_0947 IMG_0952 (1).jpg

It was really magical and such a low-key but perfect proposal which is totally us.

I took about a million photos of my ring and consciously tried to get my hand in every single photo for the rest of the holiday. haha.


After this happened everything started making sense.

  • On the way I went to grab money from Dean’s wallet and he stopped me.
  • He made sure he never sat on his wallet once the entire trip over and was very protective of it- turns out the ring was in his coin pocket the whole time and he had hidden the box in his dress shoes!
  • He was annoyed I was napping (I nap A LOT on holidays so it’s rare he gets annoyed)
  • He walked the entire way to the beach with his hand in his pocket
  • it explained all the “scam” phone calls he was receiving from overseas numbers

Safe to say Hawaii is a holiday we will never forget.

We couldn’t be happier X


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